Cassidy Howell Front Cover
Original photo by Adam Stanzak. Graphic by Cassidy Howell.

I was born September 17, 1987 in Bellflower, CA to a 19 year-old single Mother who already had a 4 year-old daughter. Growing up, my biological father wasn’t around much, and my Mother’s personal troubles left me and my siblings fending for ourselves at times. If it wasn’t for my brother’s Dad (the man I call “Pops”), my grandparents, and my older sister, I don’t know where we’d be.

For all of the difficult circumstances I’ve endured, I am extremely thankful.

I’ve been making my own way in this world and following my dreams for most of my life. I refuse to follow paths that my heart and my soul aren’t in sync with. For some, this is a difficult task, especially in a time in society where it seems conformity is praised over originality. For me, this is all I’ve ever known.
I’m eternally grateful to be who I am. My name is Cassidy Howell…